Thursday, October 26, 2017

More exciting City of Lake Worth news, just in case you may have missed this.

Our little City of Lake Worth is making a
big impact nation-wide:

Video below: “Distributed Energy:
The Lake Worth Solution.”

“In the midst of an economic comeback, the City of Lake Worth, Florida,* built a renewable energy station on top of what used to be a landfill. This 2-megawatt solar farm is one step in a much larger plan to revitalize the area, both aesthetically and economically.
     Across the U.S., energy users of all sizes are taking control of their power supply, and relieving stress from the grid. That’s the idea behind distributed energy.”

This very well-produced video below features:

*Inquiries from press and news media: contact the City of Lake Worth’s Public Information Officer, Mr. Ben Kerr, at 561-586-1631; email: 
“Whether the challenge is energy generation, distribution, storage, or management, all can be addressed through a single solution: on-site energy control. Often called distributed energy, this increases reliability while reducing costs and environmental impact.”