Saturday, October 28, 2017

November 11th, Veterans Day, Dedication of “Military Memorial Monument” in our City of Lake Worth.

Is everyone getting a little tired hearing from City officials, “Why is the attendance at our Veterans Day Parade so low every year?”

The answer is easy. It’s not being promoted properly.

Veterans Day is less than 3 weeks away and this is how the public can help:

Contact local veterans and offer them a ride to this event if they need assistance! Contact local veteran organizations and ask to talk to someone in their leadership. Tell them to contact the City and discuss ways to get this information out to more veterans and their families.

The City of Lake Worth’s Public Information Officer is Mr. Ben Kerr: 561-586-1631; email:

Another idea is to follow the sage advice of Antonio Fins, a seasoned editor at The Palm Beach Post:

“[T]he trick is reaching to the right journalist . . . Who’s your audience? So, tell us how many followers do you have on Twitter? How many friends/fans do you have on Facebook?

Spread the word!

This event will be held in the City’s
Cultural Plaza in the Downtown:
Front page news in The Lake Worth Herald,* October 19th edition:

“The Lake Worth Rotary Club held a ground breaking [on Oct. 16th] for a Veterans Memorial in the Cultural Plaza. Rotarians were joined by elected officials and City employees from Public Services. . . . The dedication will be held Veterans Day.”

See below for photos and more information about how this memorial came to be.

This military memorial monument (scroll down for rendering) was approved unanimously by the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) following a short discussion on August 9th. Information from the HRPB agenda:

The Applicant has submitted plans for the construction of a new 6′ × 5′-6″ Military Memorial Monument, and an associated 9′-4″ × 17′-2″ paver hardscape area with two benches. The Rotary Club of Lake Worth is sponsoring funding the Military Memorial Monument. The monument will be constructed of granite and will sit on a poured concrete pad. The paved area and two benches will be installed in conjunction with the monument in order to facilitate viewing and access to the monument.

Rendering of this future monument.
Click on image to enlarge:
See below for a “birds-eye view” where
this monument will be placed.

Photographs from the “Military Memorial
Monument” groundbreaking:

From left to right: Lake Worth Commissioner Herman Robinson; Ron Leeds, Lake Worth Rotary; Chris Dabros (partially obscured), Lake Worth CRA; former Lake Worth Commissioner Retha Lowe; Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo; John Endrushat, Lake Worth Rotary; and Suzanne Holmes, Public Services Office Manager, City of Lake Worth.

Click on image to enlarge:
Note the southwest corner of the City Hall Annex.
In the background is the intersection of
Lake Ave. and Federal Hwy.

In this photo is Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell (far left) and Felipe Lofaso (second from right), Asst. Director, Lake Worth Public Services.

More from the HRPB agenda last August:

Consideration of a request by the City of Lake Worth, Public Services Department, for a minor site plan amendment and a Certificate of Appropriateness for new construction of a Military Memorial Monument, on the property located at 414 Lake Avenue (City Hall Annex).

This military memorial will honor the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. Memorial will have the words:

[THIS DAY] 2017

It should be noted the City of Lake Worth and the Lake Worth Lagoon are both named in honor of General William Jenkins Worth.

[The Love Of Country Leads Me].
Use this link to learn more about General William Jenkins Worth (1794–1849). The cities of Fort Worth and Lake Worth, Texas, are also
named in honor of General Worth.

More historical background from the HRPB agenda: The subject property at 414 Lake Avenue contains the City Hall Annex building, a large public plaza, fountain, pergolas, and public green space. The two-story Annex building was designed by architect Floyd King and constructed in 1929.

Click on image to better see this monument location.
Note the red box with yellow hash marks. This military marker will also include two benches.

Stay tuned for the official unveiling.

*Pick up The Lake Worth Herald print edition (still ¢50!) every Friday at the City’s newsstand located at 600 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth. To see the subscription rates use this link.