Monday, January 2, 2017

2017. A New Year. Will we learn more about cities like Greenacres in the Palm Beach Post this year?

Many cities in Palm Beach County (PBC), like the City of Greenacres for example, are usually an afterthought in the Post, mostly news about crime, vehicle crashes, the butt of jokes and not-so-clever jabs too:

In 2016 the Post ranked the cities in PBC and Greenacres was said to be a lot of nothing with “an extra dollop of Hispanic”. Mangonia Park ranked the worst city. No big surprise, West Palm Beach the best.

However, this 2016 news about Greenacres from the Post’s business reporter Jeff Ostrowski was a pleasant surprise. It’s encouraging to read serious media coverage about one of our western communities in Central Palm Beach County between the “cooler” City of Lake Worth and “glitzier” Wellington.

Each and every Monday in the Post that newspaper’s readers in Greenacres read about Lake Worth. Why can’t Greenacres be special every now and then?

Here are two excerpts from the real estate news about Greenacres by reporter Jeff Ostrowski:

     The city of Greenacres was the hottest housing market in Palm Beach County over the past year, according to the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches. Prices of houses and condos soared 39 percent, to a median of $149,750 in August, and homes typically were snapped up just four weeks after hitting the market.
     Greenacres’ mini-boom reflects the affordability crunch that’s squeezing the region’s property market, housing experts say.
     “For those who are just entering the market for the first time, Greenacres is a nice fit,” said Neil Picart, an agent at ERA Home Run Real Estate in suburban Lake Worth.

[and. . .]

     Countywide, a lack of entry-level homes for sale remains a challenge.
     “There’s still a bit of frustration with not enough choices at lower prices,” said Douglas Rill, owner of Century 21 America’s Choice Realty. Rill has been advising buyers to forget bargain hunting and opt instead for what he calls “aggressive pricing.[emphasis added]

A New Year’s message from the good people of Lake Worth to the good people of Greenacres: We all wish you the coverage in our County’s paper of record that you should expect and so rightly deserve!

And did you know you have an election coming up? You’ll find that news in The Lake Worth Herald.