Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Post interview with Matt Constantine at Adopt-A-Family of The Palm Beaches and more on “The ‘G’ Word”

This interview (see below) from December 2015 took on all new significance following Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier’s irresponsible and outrageous comments about Adopt-A-Family’s efforts in the City being some sort of grand conspiracy to steal people’s homes. If you followed Maier’s twisted logic, the new definition of ‘gentrification’ is repairing windows, fixing the A/C, installing a washer and dryer, workable toilets and a shower for elderly people and poor families. The blog post about the interview with Matt Constantine follows:

The Post’s Kevin Thompson interviewed Matt Constantine from Adopt-A-Family located in Lake Worth (1712 2nd Ave. North, 561-253-1361). I’ve known Matt for quite some time and many of you will remember him as a long-time CRA board member here in the City. The article is on-line to read in full. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Q: What are some of the services the agency provides?
A: We provide service in three tiers — families who are homeless, families at risk to becoming homeless and a program aimed for kids. We offer housing and such supportive services as social- and health-management workers. We try to wrap around the entire picture of what’s going on with that family so we can offer a solution. 

[and. . .] 

Q: How often do you work with Lake Worth families?
A: A ton. I would estimate at least 25 to 35 percent of the families we serve are from Lake Worth. We’ve become a proud member of this city and always have been welcomed with open arms.

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