Monday, April 25, 2016

Belle Glade, Greenacres, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, et al., not all too happy with Cerabino's 'satire'

By special request, a re-post from yesterday. . . Frank Cerabino's ranking and musings about Palm Beach County cities isn't sitting to well with many people if you've been reading the editorial page of late. The editor(s) at the Post must be rethinking the wisdom of 'ranking' the cities when their very own newspaper continues to lay off staff and can't even publish their own news. The Sun Sentinel in Broward County has to print the Post's newspapers for them. We'll likely never see a satirical column about that in the Post.

Along with Lake Worth's 'ranking' the public had to be educated that raising chickens in the City is not legal. Learn about that by looking the right-hand column for, "Raising chickens, aka 'Urban Chickens' IS NOT allowed in Lake Worth."

Below is an excerpt from the latest letter to the editor that appeared following the ranking of cities "from worst to best" by Lee-John Sobering:

     "His [Cerabino's] review and ranking of Greenacres, where I reside, is insulting, and any fact-checking is missing. Although I am not Asian, he neglected to include them in our mix of residents.
     And 'a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing' is so far off-base [emphasis added], it proves he not only knows nothing about our community but didn’t bother to find out. Just going to our city’s website would have enlightened him."

Here is the link to the Greenacres official website and a little information about the city:

"Located five miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Southeast Florida, the City of Greenacres is home to approximately 38,943 residents and over 1,000 small and medium sized businesses. The City was founded in 1926, and today is the 8th largest city of the 38 municipalities in Palm Beach County.
     The City of Greenacres is a well-planned, safe, and attractive community, with an efficient and effective local government."