Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Sunday and misleading advertising by the Common Ground (no 's') Church

Have you seen this misleading ad for an Easter Sunday Service at the Cultural Plaza in downtown Lake Worth, FL?
If you're a Christian and seeing the line, "Special Guest: John James of the Newsboys"were you reminded of the recent movie God's Not Dead with the soundtrack by the Newsboys?

If you were YOU ARE WRONG. John James "of the Newsboys" left the band 18 years ago. John James has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie God's Not Dead or the current band called the Newsboys.

Remember this as you search for a church service to attend on Easter Sunday morning. Don't let yourself be manipulated by shameless self-promoters such as Mike Olive who use religion as an emotional hook. Be skeptical!
Truth > Ignorance