Sunday, March 29, 2015

[REPOST] Suicide is never the answer

[NOTE: This is one of the most viewed posts of the entire month; it was posted just 2 days ago. The original post (unedited/unchanged) follows:]

If you think you're at a dead end and the world is better without you. . .you're wrong. 

If you live in Lake Worth, Florida, and read the sensational newspaper's account of a young woman's purported suicide and think, just maybe, that may be the answer? Suicide is never the answer to any of life's problems.

If you're seriously considering suicide you can:
The reason those in the responsible news media are reluctant to report and/or sensationalize suicide is the risk of encouraging others to do the same thing. Don't be manipulated into thinking taking your life solves anything.

The living will have to live with your decision with the rest of their lives. 

When a suicide is reported in the media the article should ALWAYS include information for those in distress with resources and phone numbers for help. Margaret Menge did none of those things. Irresponsible.

If I were Margaret Menge I would be hoping and praying no young person, male or female, takes their own life any time soon in our City of Lake Worth.

Don't be angry at Margaret Menge, pray for her soul.