Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Delray Beach isn't getting new school: Charter Schools one big reason why

A truly sobering article in the Sun Sentinel written by Scott Travis. Besides the school in Delray Beach being cut, 6 schools won't get needed roof replacements, and students will not have access to needed technology. The following quote sums it up:
"We postponed or cut projects out of the budget that we consider basic needs," Chief Operating Officer Mike Burke said. "Essentially all construction projects have been eliminated." [emphasis added]
[later in the article . . .]
     The district's maintenance budget also has been reduced, which troubles Board member Debra Robinson.
     "I'm afraid if we don't keep our facilities up to date, we'll be paying more in the long run," she said.
     The district's financial woes are a result of state cuts and restrictions as well as charter schools siphoning off students and state money.
     The state has reduced the amount of taxes school districts can levy in property taxes, from $2 per $1,000 of assessed value a few years ago to $1.50. The Legislature has instructed school districts which want more revenues to ask voters to approve it.
You can read about one of the most ridiculous ideas ever presented for a Charter School here. And here is a recent article written by Andrew Marra at The Palm Beach Post about failing Charter Schools in Palm Beach County.