Friday, January 30, 2015

What did Lauren Hills do that has Katie McGiveron and Lynn Anderson so hopping mad?

Here is a Channel 12's news segment from Monday, January 26th. Click title for link. The news story by Lauren Hills was very fair and straightforward, or so it would seem. I watched the segment three times and cannot find what has Katie McGiveron and Lynn Anderson so upset with Ms. Hills.

City Manager Michael Bornstein is interviewed by Lauren Hills and he comes across as very informative and highly knowledgeable: which he is, of course.

I challenge my readers to watch the segment by Lauren Hills and explain the "wringing-of-hands" and angst by McGiveron and Anderson, over what seems to be a fair news report.

The other odd thing is this: if you went to the Channel 12 website to watch the video by Lauren Hills the LINK IS NOT THERE. You have to go to the searchbar and type in "Lake Worth Michael Bornstein", for example.

Why is that? Isn't that odd? Anyhow, thank you Ms. Hills for the fair and balanced news story on our infrastructure debate here in our little City of Lake Worth.