Saturday, January 31, 2015

From Robert E. Waples II... (and we've been led to believe crime is QUITE the issue over there!):

Dear Neighbors that live near the CSX Tracks that runs along I-95

As you know, the CSX Railroad through Lake Worth is a Quite [sic] Zone and it has not been QUITE [sic] in a while. Tripp [Cioci] and Jennifer [Marchal-Cioci] worked very hard to get this done however the conductors of the trains just don't seem to get it.

Here are a couple of tools we need YOU our neighbors to help us with. One log down the day, date, time. that you hear the horns blowing...Not just one here or one there but every time.

You can call CSX at: 1-800-232-0144 AND report it to the FRA (Federal Railway Administration) at this site anonymous or type your information if you want feed back [sic]....We strongly suggest typing in your information but understand if you want to stay Anonymous. The link is:

The last thing the FRA wants is to do a lot more paperwork because the conductor on the CSX track don't know when to not "TOOT" their horns and "TOOT" us the heck off.

Please share this information in your email lists, Facebook Pages and any other means that will get our residents and adjoining neighborhoods to make enough noise that we get this corrected.

Also for those who live near the FEC which runs through the Middle of Lake Worth we strongly urge you to keep the FRA link very handy and to our knowledge you are not a designated quite [sic] zone.....

Many Thanks!