Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is nothing sacred? More crime in Greenfield, CA

Editor's note: There may be some readers that wonder why I reference Greenfield, California and offer periodic crime reports from there. First of all, let's acknowledge that crime is part of the human condition and it happens around the globe. Second, let's remember the Best City Manager Ever's attempts to resuscitate our own Lake Worth police department and kick out PBSO. The groundswell of support for keeping the sheriff led to dark green "Keep PBSO" signs on nearly every yard in this city. The city spent over $40,000 on an "ends driven" study by an outside firm saying that such a feat was possible within an eight month time period. The only public meeting we had was outside the regular City Commission meetings and held at Compass Community Center. About 400 people attended and we crafted a document that was shared with the City Commission about all the reasons Lake Worth needed to keep PBSO. The Commission, and City Manager Susan Stanton, mounted a retreat and eventually shelved plans for the takeover, saying that it was used as a "negotiating ploy." The sheriff said that we would have lowered their budget amount without the study, which is eventually what they did.

Of course, Ms. Stanton is in Greenfield. While the other blogger likes to weave tall tales about the halcyon days of Stanton's tenure and periodically dusts off her figurine she has on her mantelpiece shrine and shares such stories with her readers, she also points out each minor crime event in Lake Worth in an effort to say that PBSO isn't doing their job or costs too much. Remember, crime happens everywhere.