Monday, May 26, 2014

Channel 12, the 1 to turn 2, or the one to turn off?


We've pointed out some Channel 12 stories that have missed the mark of journalistic excellence, especially when it comes to reporting about things here in Lake Worth. One of this blog's most loyal followers decided to do some digging around Channel 12's website. Here is what she found.
Apparently there were good intentions on the part of the news anchors there to start their own blogs, but something happened along the way...
 Click here for a link to their blog page.
When you click on the first blog "Political Pulse" this is where you end up:

Quite a non-polarizing way to start the ball rolling, right? Then we have this.
Note the date.
Very late breaking news, this is from 2012. Set your "WABAC" machines accordingly. Now here's Liz!
Can't get much more fired up than that, really. We are breathless in anticipation! Check out the date there. And then there's "Good Talk" with Johnny D:

Johnny is more up with the times, but still a little behind the reality curve. He seems to have a obsession with football, family and frivolity. This is only a year and a half old. In fairness, their weather blog is fairly up-to-date. I suggest some cleaning out of their digital closets instead of seeking inconsequential low-hanging fruit for news stories.