Sunday, January 5, 2014

Editorial: PBC now has chance to figure out need for spring... |

County Commissioner Hal Valeche has a chance at calming the waters and getting information out to those that would be impacted by the baseball stadium, as well as keep looking for appropriate sites. The Post concludes in this editorial that the entire issue was not handled well by the Palm Beach Gardens city commission. Click title for link.

But the Gardens City Council largely mishandled the proposal almost from the beginning; for months, giving the impression it was hiding something before bowing to public — and political — pressure and handing it off to the county.
Now, Valeche has a chance to do it right.
While that doesn’t mean that a stadium won’t land back in Palm Beach Gardens, there is at least the opportunity now to ask and fully vet such important questions as: Does the stadium complex really need to be two teams?