Friday, November 15, 2013

Harry's sign is back-up!

Long story, but it was the liquor delivery truck driver that backed into the sign. Yes, the truck was that high. Tammy was the bartender and she was on today. I asked her about the incident. She said the driver left after the delivery and hit the sign as he left the property. Sort of a hit and run - he didn't come back for an hour and a half. He said that he went to get a camera from Walgreens that is all of a few blocks south on Dixie.

Anyway, we went there this afternoon to catch up on the story and check out the decor. Fun place that I don't go too much. Here are some pictures.

Tammy chatting it up at the bar.

Former "Blue Marlin" sign that graced Dixie Hwy. for many years.

It has seen many come and go in its day - now safe here.

Any resemblance to a blogger by the name of "Pinkie" is purely coincidental.