Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Telling Tale of Two PACs: “Lake Worth Yes!” and “Save Our Neighborhood, Inc.”

About the last two reminders of the dueling PACs
in this little City of Lake Worth.

These two PACs both formed in January 2015. Almost four years ago. And many of you who follow politics will remember those former political battles.

The Lake Worth Yes! PAC just recently turned in a Termination Report (TR) ending its mission as a political committee. And it was indeed a job well done.

There was money still available in this PACs campaign account. So they donated this money via Donors Choose: “Support a classroom. Build a future”:
  • Lake Worth Community High School: $3,505.31
  • Highland Elementary School: $1,052.35
  • Barton Elementary School: $589.81
  • North Grade Elementary School: $109.03

TR from the Lake Worth Yes! PAC.

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The treasurer and chairperson of this PAC many of you know as City resident Peggy Fisher.

Now to the PAC Save Our Neighborhood, Inc.

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According to the latest treasurer report this PAC has about $1,025 available. What’s the purpose of keeping this PAC active? For the memories? Just terminate this PAC as well and donate the balance of the funds to a local public school.

The days of the dueling PACs is over.