Saturday, September 15, 2018

Please share news with the homeless about “The Way Cafe”: FREE hot meals available in Downtown Lake Worth.

This new program is available for all the homeless in Central Palm Beach County and for all those in need of a FREE hot meal (see map of CPBC below).

News about FREE meals for the homeless was recently front page news in The Lake Worth Herald. Continue reading for all the details.

First, do you have anything you would like to donate and help the homeless, e.g., blankets and clothing? Also below, at the end of this blog post, is important information about the Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.

On FREE hot meals for the homeless the Grand Opening of “The Way Cafe” was in July. This popular FREE dinner service was previously located at Calvary Methodist Church in our City of Lake Worth and then relocated to Holy Redeemer Episcopal in the Village of Palm Springs serving clients in that municipality and clients from surrounding areas in suburban (unincorporated) Lake Worth.

Here’s the latest news:

“The Way Cafe” has returned permanently to Downtown Lake Worth courtesy of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Share this news with everyone you know here in the City and out in suburban Lake Worth as well, for example, to those wanting FREE hot dinners in the County’s John Prince Park and other places where the homeless congregate. Share this news in the cities of Greenacres and Atlantis, the Village of Palm Springs, and the towns of Lake Clarke Shores and Lantana as well.

Below is a helpful map of coastal CPBC. Note The Way Cafe is located conveniently near Bryant Park at the base of the Robert Harris (“Lake Worth”) Bridge. The Lake Worth Casino is also nearby.

The address is 100 N. Palmway (at the corner of Palmway and Lucerne Ave.). Below is more information from the Herald.

Unsure where the City of Lake Worth is located?

Click on image to enlarge:

For more information call St. Andrew’s Church at 561-582-6609. Excerpts from The Lake Worth Herald:

Free dinners will be offered on Tuesdays beginning July 31 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in downtown Lake Worth.
     Dinner will be served free of charge at 1 p.m.
     The program, known as The Way Cafe, has been providing hot meals for homeless and working poor individuals for several years.

and. . .

     Following a renovation and expansion of kitchen facilities, the program will be permanently housed at St. Andrew’s. [emphasis added]
     Supported by donations and staffed by volunteers, the Tuesday meal will often be the only hot food Cafe clients will receive all week.

Please share this news about “The Way Cafe” with everyone you know that is involved with helping aid the homeless here in CPBC.

Whilst on the topic of homelessness, a convenient drop-off site for clothes, blankets and other materials for the homeless is the Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store located in the City of Greenacres and very close to the Village of Palm Springs. Click on this link to learn more about Saint Vincent de Paul’s drop-off location.