Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ever thought about writing a “Letter to the Editor” at The Palm Beach Post?
If so, then today is the day.

First, how does one write a Letter to the Editor?

The instructions (word count, your required contact information, etc.) and who to/where to send your letter is all detailed below. It will only take 5–10 minutes to write your letter. Did you already write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) and it didn’t get published? Find out below what you did wrong and don’t make the same mistake twice: the trick is you need to follow up. Learn how to do that a little later in this blog post.

Why write a Letter to the Editor?

Because what happened on
New Year’s Day 2018 was inexplic-
able and thoughtless.

Let the editor at The Palm Beach Post know that this 6-square-mile City of Lake Worth has 10+ public parks not including the parks at the Lake Worth Beach and “Pocket Parks” in the City as well.

So why was the feature story yesterday on New Year’s Day titled, “IN FOCUS: LAKE WORTH” all about John Prince Park?

John Prince Park is not located
in the City of Lake Worth!

Ask the editor, “Why didn’t you do a feature about
this City’s public parks?”

The Post “IN YOUR COMMUNITY”? Really?
“Dear Editor: Why not a feature story about Bryant Park? Harold Grimes Memorial Park? Spillway Park? Sunset Ridge Park? Constitution Park? ‘Lend a Hand’ Park? Tropical Ridge Fitness Park?
South Palm Park? Howard Park?”

Write a LTE and ask the editor,

     “Are you that disconnected from the City of Lake Worth that you don’t know about all our public parks in this City?”

and. . .

     “Then what’s the point of your newspaper featuring our little City each and every week?”

or. . .

     “Why even assign a beat reporter to this City if that reporter doesn’t know or even care about doing a feature about our public parks in the City of Lake Worth?”

Without further ado. . .

The instructions:

How to get your LTE published in the Post.

  • Keep your LTE to 150–200 words in length. The “shorter the better” is a good rule.
  • An LTE submitted by email (see below) is the best method and remember to include your phone number and complete address.
  • Listing your credentials will help greatly.

Then always follow-up!

  • Follow up your LTE with an email or fax later that day or the next morning.
  • Then later, call the editorial department and explain why your letter is important.
  • Don’t be timid talking to the editor but always be polite.
  • Just ask outright, “Are you planning to publish my letter?”

Who knows, maybe your LTE will get published
in this week’s Sunday edition?

  • Email: letters@pbpost.com
  • Fax: 561-820-4728
  • Phone: 561-820-4441
Snail mail:
Palm Beach Post
ATTN: Letter to Editor (LTE)
2751 S. Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Your letter just might be the one that gets the attention of the editor at The Palm Beach Post and finally bring about the change that’s needed at that ‘newspaper’.

For example: Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air having a young female beat reporter covering
our City of Lake Worth beat?

For a brief time back in 2010 Post reporter Lona O’Connor was the City of Lake Worth’s beat reporter.

Since at least 2008 every other beat reporter from the Post has been male, e.g., Willy Howard, Eliot Kleinberg briefly, Chris Persaud (who won two prestigious awards for election reporting) and then — after almost a year of not having a beat reporter from the Post in then comes Kevin Thompson who was supposed to covering our City and Greenacres as well, two similarly-sized small cities.

So who would be a very good candidate to be the new beat reporter for the City of Lake Worth? Not certain who is available at the Post right now but there is one reporter in particular getting more and more attention from the news reading public here in Central Palm Beach County. Click on this link to find out who that reporter is.