Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dear blog readers: You decide. Why do you think the blog post below is the
most-viewed all month?

It’s a blog post from Dec. 20th titled, “About an incident in ‘suburban Lake Worth’ by reporter Meryl Kornfield.”

After you finish reading this blog post, scroll back up and click on this link for another December news article by Post reporter Olivia Hitchcock. Then ask yourself this question, “Why would an article in the Post about an incident in ‘suburban Lake Worth’ receive so much attention on a blog called Lake Worth City Limits”?

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The news report by Post reporter Meryl Kornfield, see excerpt below, is the type of reporting one usually expects from Olivia Hitchcock and Julius Whigham II. And it’s a good sign the Post is discovering new talent that will actually take the time, like Hitchcock and Whigham, to inform the public about where a crime or crimes actually happened.

This is the kind of news reporting
the public deserves:

A 22-year-old Greenacres man has been arrested on armed robbery charges after an altercation at a suburban Lake Worth apartment [emphasis added] last week, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.
     A resident of the apartment identified Tyrio S. Mortel as one of three men who walked uninvited into an apartment on Mooring Court, just south of the Lantana airport, at about 11:30 that morning, according to an arrest report.

To read the entire article in the Post click on this link.

Click on image to enlarge. The Lantana Airport is also in unincorporated Palm Beach County, referred to
as “suburban Lake Worth”:
Close by the airport is the “Emerald Lakes development on Sixth Avenue South”, the location of a recent dog attack reported in the Post

Where did this dog attack happen? This attack also occurred in suburban Lake Worth. But after the article by beat reporter Kevin Thompson was published in last week’s Sunday edition decided to create a short quiz for my blog readers. Did this dog attack happen. . .
  1. In the City of Lake Worth?
  2. In the Village of Palm Springs?
  3. None of the above?
Of course, the answer is 3.

The Palm Beach Post, remember, is the County’s ‘Paper of Record’. A paper of record relies on its editors to make certain the ‘news’ is accurate and reliable for the public. Should the City of Lake Worth come to expect any less?

Now please scroll back up to read about the article by Olivia Hitchcock published in the Post on Friday, Dec. 15th.