Saturday, January 13, 2018

Brightline: A look back to the news from former Post journalist Chris Persaud, “Florida NIMBYs Can’t Stop America’s First Private High-Speed Rail”.

Now that Brightline is officially beginning passenger train service today, it’s time to revisit Mr. Persaud’s outstanding piece published last year (see below). Persaud is indeed a journalist ahead of his time. After his article was released you could sense a sea change in the public mood. And the press and news media, from coast to coast in this nation, took notice as well.

However, it was Persaud’s work as the beat reporter covering the City of Lake Worth for The Palm Beach Post that brought him into the spotlight and for that he’s now remembered as one of the greats in South Florida journalism. He’s remembered as being remarkably fair to everyone and he took no sides.

Below are just two of the awards Mr. Chris Persaud received during his stint at the Post, awards from the esteemed Society of Professional Journalism.

One of Persaud’s latest efforts was a spectacular piece of work published in Next City titled, “Florida NIMBYs Can’t Stop America’s First Private High-Speed Rail” about Brightline; click on this link to read the article datelined Oct. 23rd.

Every now and then. . .

Especially heading into election season, somebody will ask about former City of Lake Worth beat reporters, “Whatever happened to Willie Howard?” And when it comes to political reporting and election reporting every now and then, “What happened to Chris Persaud?”

Mr. Persaud was simply the best ever. Hands down. Especially so when it came to reporting about politics and elections here in the City of Lake Worth.

Persaud received several well-deserved awards for his news reporting. And, of course, that gained him recognition and wide acclaim; then shortly later he went on to other things. Although Persaud had some issues early on with his reporting he later performed outstanding collaborative work, especially election reporting. If you’ve been following this blog you know how bad election reporting can be at the Post.

Watch Persaud in action back in September 2014 grilling the Lake Worth City Attorney prior to that year’s bond vote to fix our City roads and potholes:

[Sadly, due to concerns about sea level rise back in 2014 that bond vote ended up failing by just 25 votes. But later in November 2016 the Neighborhood Road Bond passed by a “whopping” 69%.]

For all Persaud’s diligence and attention to detail, he was honored and will be forever among the greats in journalism:

Society of Professional Journalism’s 2015 Sunshine
State Awards

Beat Reporting – Elections

Christine Stapleton, Chris Persaud, Sonja Isger, Ballot troubles

Infographic – Online

Kavya Sukumar, Michelle Quigley, Fedor Zarkhin, Chris Persaud, Property values, insurance safety and charter schools

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