Monday, November 13, 2017

Post beat reporter: “Why you’ll find this Lake Worth reporter at RaceTrac [in Village of Palm Springs] a lot”.

“You depend on us. You depend on a free press.”
Quote. Timothy D. Burke, publisher of Palm Beach Post, Nov. 4th, 2017, following news by reporter Jeff Ostrowski, “Cox Media Group said Tuesday it has put a for-sale sign on The Palm Beach Post.”

Other than vehicle crashes and an occasional crime does anyone remember the last time there was any political news about Greenacres in the print edition of the Post’s daily “Local” section? News about code enforcement? Or an update on the merge with PBSO? The Post beat reporter for the City of Lake Worth is also supposed to be covering political news from the City of Greenacres as well.

Let’s pause momentarily. Test your knowledge. How much do you know about the City of Greenacres?

  • Did you know Greenacres also has a Little Free Library program and they are also on Facebook? It’s true.
  • This month marks two years since the Greenacres PD merged with PBSO. Have you seen anything about that in the Post?
  • Greenacres is having elections next March too.  
  • Is the City of Greenacres, per Frank Cerabino, just a place, “In the middle of Palm Beach County’s suburban sprawl between the glitzier Wellington and the cooler Lake Worth”, and Greenacres is “[A] little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.” No, of course not.
  • Did you know The Lake Worth Herald is a reliable and trusted source for news in Greenacres? That is also true.
  • And. . . by area and population Greenacres is nearly the same size as Lake Worth.
But of course, for reasons unknown, the focus in almost totally on the City of Lake Worth. For example, every Monday is the Post’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE), a weekly print edition item. That’s right. Each and every Monday about Lake Worth on page B3.

Do you live in Greenacres and want to know why your news is being ignored? Write a Letter to the Editor
and ask why (use this link to learn how).
Remember “IN FOCUS: LAKE WORTH” and those “Icy treats? This RaceTrac isn’t in Lake Worth.
’s located in Palm Springs.

There’s more information to help the good people of Greenacres as well: Do you know about the “5 Tips” to get your community event, business, or service noticed in the Post? Use this link to learn more. The expert at the Post, Business Editor Antonio Fins writes,

“. . . the trick is reaching to the right journalist.”

Anyhow, from last January is the explanation why the Post beat reporter hangs out at the RaceTrac convenience store in Palm Springs:

“I hang out at RaceTrac a lot because it’s a good, clean, and inviting place to plug in my laptop when I’m working in and around Lake Worth, [emphasis added] something I’m now doing four days a week — a new mandate from our editors to fully embed ourselves in the communities we cover.”

“. . . [F]ully embed ourselves in the communities
we cover”?

If you live in Greenacres and are scratching your head right about now, well, join the club.

But it’s not like Greenacres is completely ignored. Every now and then the editor publishes a letter written by a resident of that wonderful community:

“His [Frank Cerabino’s 2016] review and ranking of Greenacres, where I reside, is insulting, and any fact-checking is missing. Although I am not Asian, he neglected to include them in our mix of residents.
     And ‘a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing’ is so far off-base [emphasis added], it proves he not only knows nothing about our community but didn’t bother to find out. Just going to our city’s website would have enlightened him.”