Thursday, August 10, 2017

Test Your Knowledge: How much do you know about our neighboring City of Greenacres?

Is the City of Greenacres just,
“In the middle of Palm Beach
County’s suburban sprawl
. . .

. . . between the glitzier Wellington and
the cooler Lake Worth”?

No. Greenacres is much more than that. Do you know who the founder of Greenacres is? Learn more from the Historical Society of Palm Beach County: 

“He [Lawrence Carter Swain (1864–1944)] platted half the townsite in 1923, setting aside ten acres for county school and town use. Plat 2, one-half mile west of Military Trail, became the original section of the city. Swain began selling lots in 1925 for $225, with $45 down. By the time the Town of Greenacres City was incorporated in 1926, the population was about 1,250, and Swain moved his family down from Massachusetts.”

Did you know the City of Greenacres is on Facebook? It’s true. And the city is also on Twitter as well.
To follow Greenacres on Facebook use this link. The city has a new website as well. To follow on Twitter: @CityGreenacres

Below are more facts about Greenacres that may surprise many of you. Although the cities of Lake Worth and Greenacres share the same beat reporter at The Palm Beach Post, the City of Greenacres is mostly ignored. However, if you’ve been reading The Lake Worth Herald/Coastal Observer, this blog, and following social media, a lot has been going on in Greenacres.

Did You Know. . .

Delray Beach is no longer a Special City. That city has been eclipsed by the cities of Lake Worth, Jupiter, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach.

However. . .

Did you know the population of Greenacres is greater than the City of Lake Worth? It’s true. And in land area (5.79 sq. mile) the city exceeds Lake Worth as well.

Although the City of Lake Worth is a Special City, featured every week in the Post’s LWVVSMCPE. . .
The mayor of Greenacres is Mayor Joel Flores.
The Deputy Mayor is Paula Bousquet.

And did you know. . .

  • Like the City of Lake Worth, the City of Greenacres has PBSO, not their own police department.
  • Greenacres has eleven public parks.
  • Greenacres is also dealing with code enforcement issues. It’s not just a problem here in the City of Lake Worth (remember this news: “We want to try to clean everything up like they’re doing in Lake Worth”).
  • Greenacres doesn’t have a “C-51 Advisory Board” like Lake Worth does, but they do have a Code Enforcement Board.
  • The City of Greenacres has a “Resolution of Support” for the Blueway Trail.
  • In the elections last March both of the candidates endorsed by the Post lost.

If you wish to learn more about the City of Greenacres use this link and explore their website.