Friday, August 11, 2017

Erica Whitfield is giving another presentation to the Lake Worth City Commission next Tuesday (video below).

There are also several other interesting items on next week’s City Commission agenda. Check back in a day or two and will have more details.

Erica Whitfield is running for re-election. She was first elected to the School Board in 2014.
In 2014 the Post editorial board endorsed Tom Sutterfield. He got clobbered by Whitfield. When running for election sometimes a Post endorsement “can be the kiss of death.”

Erica Whitfield is a City of Lake Worth resident and also the District 4 representative on the Palm Beach County School Board. Whitfield’s presentation in December 2015 (see video below) remains the 2nd most-viewed all-time on my Lake Worth YouTube channel.

Back in 2015 remember posting the video on YouTube and later that day the video got 10–20 views, which was the norm. The day after another 20 or so and then. . . hundreds more every single day after that. When the video reached one thousand views thought I was seeing things. And the numbers kept going up.

But soon afterwards found out why the
video was so popular.

The video struck a nerve because it showed just how completely out-of-touch the school board administration was leading up to 2014–2015 vis-à-vis schools in the City of Lake Worth. Prior to Whitfield’s presentation to the City Commission in 2015 she asked for data on Lake Worth schools and she was given the data for every school “in Lake Worth” all the way out west with a Lake Worth zip code.

Basically, the Palm Beach County school administration didn’t know where the City of Lake Worth was.

At next Tuesday’s meeting I’m sure the school board administration has learned a thing or two about schools here “in Lake Worth” since Whitfield’s last presentation.

Enjoy this video from 2015: