Sunday, July 30, 2017

Notice of Cancellation: Item 10E at Lake Worth City Commission meeting next Tuesday.

To go over the agenda for next week use this link and scroll down for “August 1 Regular Meeting”; then click on Agenda & Backup.

My prediction about this agenda item, which passed unanimously at the Commission meeting on July 18th, did not come to pass. Yet. Read about, “Get prepared, Lake Worth. Is another press/media frenzy about to begin?

This item (see below) was removed from next week’s agenda and that is a good thing. Why? It will give a little more time to slum landlords if they wish “to continue to receive utility service” at their substandard properties. And it will also give a little more time to help the families in need to find new housing and possibly legal aid as well.

Here is the agenda item, now a cancellation, that will likely appear on the Commission agenda on August 15th:

Public Hearings: 10E. Ordinance No. 2017-18 - Second Reading - amending Chapter 14 - “Business Tax Receipts and Business Regulations” to update use & occupancy inspections and provide for business license requirements prior to connecting utility services.

Summary: The proposed ordinance amends Chapter 14, Business Tax Receipts and Business Regulations, to require a Business License before utilities will be provided to a business and to include an inspection warrant option and to further clarify the scope of the Use and Occupancy Inspection.

Background and Justification: The City Commission adopted Resolution No. 07-2017 to require businesses within the City to have a Business License in order to open a new utility account and to continue to receive utility service.