Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Get prepared, Lake Worth. Is another press/media frenzy about to begin?

William Waters, the City of Lake Worth’s Dir. of Community Sustainability, gave some strong clues at the City Commission last night.

This could become a media frenzy like we haven’t seen in a long time: slamming the City administration, our Electric Utility, elected officials, city manager, staff, et al.

A prediction: how the scenario will play out.

An article will appear in The Palm Beach Post about this item on the City Commission agenda last night (maybe later this week?):

F. Ordinance No. 2017-18 - First Reading - Requiring Business License to Commence Utilities at Businesses within the City and to schedule the public hearing and second reading for August 1, 2017.


The proposed ordinance amends Chapter 14, Business Tax Receipts and Business Regulations, to require a Business License before utilities will be provided to a business and to include an inspection warrant option and to further clarify the scope of the Use and Occupancy Inspection.

Background and Justification:

The City Commission adopted Resolution No. 07-2017 to require businesses within the City to have a Business License in order to open a new utility account and to continue to receive utility service.

Then a second article will come out, maybe in the Sunday paper, with quotes slamming the City for being “uncaring and insensitive” for turning off utilities at certain properties here in the City. Frank Cerabino will chime in with a sarcastically, mean-spirited column, and then the final act: the editor at The Palm Beach Post will try to deliver a coup de grâce.

The news media will get into the act: reporters from WPBF (ABC25), WPEC (CBS12), and WPTV (NBC5) will scour the City looking for people to interview, those who don’t understand why their utilities may be cut off.

Will “Legal Aid” be mentioned in any of these news reports? Maybe. Maybe not. Will it be reported the City is doing everything they can to help these people and families? Maybe. Maybe not.

But then later, after the dust clears, the truth will come out.

We’ve seen this all before. So get ready.