Sunday, June 11, 2017

The editor wrote, “The municipalities where many of these workers want to congregate must step up — now.”

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Have you visited The Palm Beach Post’s new home section lately? Let’s just say there’s a lot of western sprawl going on. The editorial in the Post today doesn’t mention the City of Lake Worth. And that’s a good thing.

Because if they did mention our City just might have to point out a blaring irony: the Post has not reported anything about an exciting new housing project in this City (the “Meritage Lake Cove Residential Development”) and the editors and beat reporters have yet to report anything about the Blueway Trail project either. As these projects roll out more and more people will say,

“I urge prospective buyers to look into the abandoned home market for their families. In the city of Lake Worth, a charming, diverse and culturally rich area, there are hundreds of abandoned homes looking for someone to love them. Ask your Realtor to show you some.”

News about the Blueway Trail and developers exploring existing urban centers like the City of Lake Worth is getting the attention of future residents and those already living in western communities. There’s more incentive and motivation now to look at places such as our Dixie Hwy. in a whole new way, just one example.

If you slow down a little bit when you drive south over the C-51 Canal you’ll see it’s already happening. Sure. It’s slow right now. But the next two years will be incredible. Just wait and see.

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