Saturday, June 10, 2017

The City of Lake Worth needs a “Resolution of Support” for the Blueway Trail. No more time for delay.

“[T]he Blueway Trail Project, there’s this very, very strong interest in that from our neighboring elected officials just like there’s strong interest from our residents here in Lake Worth.”
—Lake Worth Commissioner Omari Hardy, quote from his liaison report to the City Commission on May 16th.

Putting this off any longer is ludicrous. Here are some of the resolutions of support thus far for the Blueway Trail:
  • Palm Beach County.
  • City of Greenacres.
  • Town of Lake Clarke Shores.
  • City of Boynton Beach.
  • City of Riviera Beach.
  • Town of Haverhill.
  • Town of Hypoluxo.
  • Town of South Palm Beach.
Now is the time to rally around a project, an exciting one, that will bring many benefits to our City:

The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, vetoed the money for our Park of Commerce for the third time in a row. This is no time for hand-wringing or hoping for any help from the State Legislature for more money in our City budget. Projects like the Blueway Trail will have benefits for our City for many decades to come. Just like the Park of Commerce this project will provide a big economic boost for the City.

Forget about the City of Lake Worth’s “C-51 Advisory Board” — disband it — this board was formed last year and has never held a meeting. As far as I know the board only has two members.

We need a proclamation supporting the Blueway Trail. There is no time to waste. The next City Commission meeting is on Tuesday, June 20th.

On June 30th is the Blueway Trail’s “Project Design and Permit Filing Deadline with the State of Florida”.

Contact the City Commission. Tell them you want a Proclamation of Support for the Blueway Trail:
Use this link to contact each member of the Lake Worth City Commission, the mayor and each of the four City commissioners.

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