Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Now they’re playing NIMBY BINGO in Stockholm, Sweden!

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Question. How long before a developer proposes a project in Palm Beach County’s Urban Core in a coastal community but the news reports are decidedly negative in The Palm Beach Post or the editor chimes in and says we need more housing. . . “but just not there”?

Here’s the “Florida Home” section in The Palm Beach Post, there’s a lot of Western Sprawl going on. We’ll just have to wait and see if the editor supports the urban developer, encourages the anti-development activists, or just does nothing at all. Here is the opening from the Post editorial on May 28th:

We don’t want to see development stifled. But neither do we want to see young families struggle to buy a first home because nothing is available for under $300,000. Yet the latter is happening more and more, sending those families to Port St. Lucie to find affordable housing.
     That’s not what those families want. That’s not what employers want. That’s not what county commissioners should want. The time to tackle this issue is now.
— Post Editorial Board, Jan. 25

and the editor continues. . .

It’s both disappointing, bordering on discouraging, to note that not much has happened in the four months since that editorial was published.

So what will happen the next time environmentalists and activists et al. opposed to development pack public meetings in opposition to developers and development in our coastal communities like here in the City of Lake Worth?


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How to play NIMBY BINGO: When you hear one of the phrases or see a specific act (see above) you cover a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern of 5 grid squares on your card, jump up and yell, “BINGO!!!!!

“Housing is a national crisis. And I think just bringing everyday people together to work on this is the most effective way because it’s uniting people rather than dividing people.
—Quote from the video below.

What is a YIMBY? It’s an acronym for Yes In My Back Yard. The NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) message of “No” to everything has lost its appeal, including to many Millennials who want to live in cities. However, because so little housing has been created prices have risen and remains too high.

Jeff Perlman had an observation about the YIMBY movement which is gaining a lot of momentum and excitement around the country:

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Enjoy this video of the first YIMBY conference in Boulder, CO, as INCLUSIVE community activists explain what they are trying to accomplish: