Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Can you find the error in the news about the Gulf Stream hotel rezoning vote tonight (1/5)?

[Answer at the end of this post.]

Read this news that appeared in The Palm Beach Post today (1/5) on page B3. If you've been following this news  closely about the rezoning of the Gulf Stream hotel you'll note an error in the text below:
Check back later today and will have the answer.

Anyhow, tonight is a very important meeting on the future of the Gulf Stream hotel. It's item 10B on the agenda. If you're not too keen on listening to a lecture on sea level rise I would suggest you show up at the City Commission around 8:00 to be on the safe side.

Remember, don't let a few malcontents stand at the podium and claim to be "the voice of the people". YOU are the people and we can't let another important City goal get hijacked. We need you to show up!

[The Answer: First reading of the rezoning request at the City Commission was on Dec. 8th, not Dec. 9th.]

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lwbulldog said...

Easy one buckaroo, should be "Gulf Stream". 2 words not 1.