Monday, January 4, 2016

[Another look. . .] Guest blog post: Joseph Thompson III with yet ANOTHER scoop on a mural in Lake Worth

Mr. Joseph Thompson III sent me this news hoping it will get picked up by a state-wide news media outlet. Mr. Thompson, if you recall, was the author of the now-famous, or infamous, food review of Benny's on the Beach that appeared in a now-defunct, always-free, delivered-for-free tabloid. Lake Worth, if you didn't know, has become very sensitive to murals because of a recent article in The Palm Beach Post.
The mural at the Lake Worth CRA's La Joya Villages with the "too-white" Cuban-American child that has one White woman in a furious state of hand-wringing and despair.
The City, I've learned, is responding by forming a new Neighborhood Appropriateness Guild (NAG) which will then be tasked with creating a Mural Skin Color Form of Appropriateness with skin color shades that have to be approved prior to installation of a mural in any neighborhood or community. The hold-up right now is whether this form should include dogs, cats, and/or fish and mollusks too.

Anyhow, Mr. Thompson was driving down Dixie Hwy in Lake Worth last Tuesday afternoon and as he approached the corner of Dixie and 10th Ave North he spotted "one woman" on a bench crying. He stopped to help the one woman and this is what he reports on what occurred:

"Hi, Wes. I'm glad my review of Benny's has provided you and your audience with so much entertainment all year long. The truth is the giro and hot dog I had a Benny's was the best ever and I still dream of going back if the management there would welcome me. The drives to John G's are getting tedious, honestly.

The reason I am forwarding you this news is because I was driving down Dixie Highway on Tuesday afternoon and I spotted one woman on a bench at the bus stop at 10th Ave. North across the street and south of Tuppen's. She looked in terrible distress and in need of immediate help. She was a lean White woman, slender, with deep perky dimples, ragged clothing, and disorderly but yet fashionably bleached faux-blonde hair.

As I approached her she stopped crying and asked me for help. I reached for my wallet to give her a few dollars and she said she didn't need money. She said, 'Sir, what I need is justice for this neighborhood.' I was immediately curious with her story and sat next to her and asked her to tell me more.

She told me her name was 'Dienstag', which I know is the weekday 'Tuesday' in German. The reason she was crying, she said, was because the mural of a marine animal on the wall at Tuppen's didn't reflect the community and she wanted justice done. I took a picture of the marine animal.
A "socially inappropriate" and "offensive" pink octopus on blue background. This mural caused one White woman to cry at a bus stop bench last Tuesday afternoon in Lake Worth.
Dienstag told me the blue was 'dominant boy baby blue' and the pink was 'hesitant girl baby pink'. The blue, she said, represented the sea and its dominance over the little octopus which demonstrates the stereotypical gender norms that are ever-present. She went on to explain that, 'anarchy is the Earth in balance' and that children were being tricked to depend on society for cure of diseases like malaria, to rely on traffic engineers, and GMO-hardwood pulp for diapers. The 'female octopus' with the 'misshapen' nipples was 'a slam' on maternity and that the 'too-phallic' tentacles sends the message that little girls want to be little boys instead. The 'lack of any horizontal lines' was making fun of other decision-making processes and she told me to investigate a 'dangerous' woman named, 'Joan Obiva' at a place called 'Sea Area'.

I  told her I was interested in her story and want to write more about this crucial issue but just then a TV news van pulled up and one woman with red hair and a furious temperament jumped out of the van like it was on fire. Dienstag began her story again but this time for a camera with a little makeup touch-up and a quick hair flip. She started crying again.

If it's OK with you, Wes, I'll send you a recap of my interview with Dienstag when she gets back to me with a date and time. Thank you in advance for helping me get this news out to the public.


Joseph Thompson III."