Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What is the Treasure Coast REGIONAL Planning Council? Required reading for Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier

Regional planning councils were created by Florida State Statute 186.502. Here are some of the roles and the purpose of a regional planning council:
There is a need for regional planning agencies to assist local governments to resolve their common problems, engage in areawide comprehensive and functional planning, administer certain federal and state grants-in-aid, and provide a regional focus in regard to multiple programs undertaken on an areawide basis.
And. . .
The financial and technical assistance of the state should be provided to regional planning agencies to maximize the effective use of regional programs undertaken with the authorization of local, state, or federal governments serving the citizens of this state.
And. . .
It is the declared purpose of this act to establish a common system of regional planning councils for areawide coordination and related cooperative activities of federal, state, and local governments; ensure a broad-based regional organization that can provide a truly regional perspective; and enhance the ability and opportunity of local governments to resolve issues and problems transcending their individual boundaries.
In case you didn't notice, the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) has a regional responsibility which we all hope Lake Worth Commissioner Maier learns prior to his next TCRPC meeting this Friday. Here is information about the TCRPC:
A not-for-profit organization created by and for local governments to provide planning and technical assistance services and assist in carrying out Florida's growth management programs. It was established in 1976 through an interlocal agreement between Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach counties. Membership includes all four counties and 50 municipalities.
And the TCRPC Mission Statement:
     To encourage and enable local units of government and citizenry to assemble and cooperate with one another and with representatives of major economic interests, to promote health, safety, and general welfare of the citizenry, and to plan for future development of the Region that will keep it competitive and afford a high quality of life.
     Regional planning councils are recognized as Florida's only multipurpose regional entity in a position to plan for and coordinate intergovernmental solutions to growth-related problems on greater-than-local issues, provide technical assistance to local governments, and meet other needs of its communities.
I hope this helps.

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Anonymous said...

Again like a hammer strike between the eyes you make your point. The planning council is regional. Politics is unavoidable but the council tries very hard not to take sides. They discourage and resent anyone-especially elected officials-from pulling them into a local political issue. Either the commissioner knew this and didn't care or he was oblivious. In either case it is indefensible and he needs to apologize to the council and to the city. The Park of Commerce is a legitimate regional issue that will help many cities in central county.