Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So where did that plane crash yesterday? In Lake Worth?

First off, our prayers and thoughts go to the victims and all those affected by this tragedy.

Where did this plane crash occur?
  • Was it Lake Worth?
  • Was it suburban Lake Worth?
  • Was it Palm Springs?
The only news outlet to get it correct from the outset was NBC5/WPTV. Staff reporter Charlie Keegan called it "suburban Lake Worth" right off and was consistent throughout. My guess is he took the 30 seconds or so to check the county property appraisers web site. The AP and other national networks reported is as Palm Springs. The Post got it sort-of right but not quite:
The Post notes the location as suburban Lake Worth buried in the caption.
Later on will check CBS12/WPEC and ABC25/WPBF. 
I'm not optimistic but who knows may be surprised. It's a sad commentary on our local media here when CBS4/Miami gets the location correct and most of the local media can't.

Here is the video from NBC5: