Sunday, October 11, 2015

Inside Lake Worth: Jerry Kelly, the City's Grant Analyst

In this week's Lake Worth Herald is an article about Jerry Kelly. He is the Grant Analyst for the City. Here is an excerpt from the article:
     In 2011, Kelly brought all of his expertise to Lake Worth as a Grant Analyst. This is a very complex job. Kelly works in the Office of the City Manager. He is surrounded by people with a great deal of knowledge and talent. Each individual in the grant process contributes information, figures, and ideas for the suggested grant.
     According to Kelly, “I am responsible for researching grant opportunities, writing, and submitting grant proposals. If the grant is approved, there is the general oversight and management of the grant funds. This includes detailed reporting.” In Lake Worth, it is also important to know where, if monies are needed, where the money is coming from—a funding source. There is a perpetual list and no shortage of City needs. 
Mr. Kelly's had an interesting career here in Palm Beach County and would encourage you to pick up a issue of this week's Herald and read about it all.