Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sad the people of Loxahatchee FL are in the national spotlight due to this nonsense

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been mapping 'Confederate flag' (which is actually the 'Confederate Battle' flag) rallies around the country and there was only one in south Florida: Loxahatchee in Palm Beach County, Florida!
Image from the SPLC website.
Here is what the SPLC is attempting to accomplish:
     The Southern Poverty Law Center compiled the information in this map from lists created by other human rights organizations, hate groups and its own research in order to give a sense of the size of this reactionary movement. When available, event organizers, hate groups and key members involved, source information and crowd sizes at past events have been included. When not explicitly reported by credible news sources, the number of attendees has been estimated from photos and video evidence. Our hope is that the map will serve as an interactive resource for those seeking to understand the scope of the forces supporting the embattled flag.
Then there is the cadre of bully bloggers who provide the flag supporters the encouragement to continue:
The flag shown above is not the 'Confederate' flag. The link in the paragraph below explains the public confusion about this issue.
For those interested, here is the difference between the "stars and bars" and the "southern cross". The 'southern cross' is a re-purposed flag found in a museum by the Dixiecrats responding to the civil rights movement in the middle 20th century.