Saturday, August 15, 2015

News you'll only see in The Lake Worth Herald: Lake Worth Mayor Triolo negotiates with PBSO

Below is good news about the little City of Lake Worth and PBSO; therefore the public is guaranteed to never see this published in The Palm Beach Post. Here is an excerpt from The Lake Worth Herald:
     While the vast majority of the major municipalities contracted with PBSO will see a 3 percent increase in their contract cost, Lake Worth will only see a one percent increase. 
     Lake Worth was notified of a three percent increase also. 
Mayor Pam Triolo took Lake Worth’s plight to Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and explained, once again, the financial condition of the City. Bradshaw listened and agreed to a one percent increase for the next year. 
     The initial contract with the Sheriff’s Department has a cap on the price escalation for the first three years. The City is entering it’s eighth year contracting PBSO services and there is no cap on the amount the Sheriff can increase price of the contract. 
     Sheriff Bradshaw and PBSO have worked with Lake Worth to help keep the cost of law enforcement in the City under control.