Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Commissioner Ryan Maier, Lake Worth's Mr. Cellophane

According to an article yesterday by Kevin D. Thompson of the Palm Beach Post, the city has dropped the code case against Commissioner Maier due to lack of evidence. The charge involved a claim that Mr. Maier had converted his single family home into a duplex and was renting out an apartment there.

You might be interested to know what some of that evidence was. All these documents are part of the public record.
From June of this year, Ryan Maier's tenant applied to adopt a pet at the 609 2nd Avenue South address.
Remember this from the campaign trail?
Inspection record from 2008 when Mr. Maier purchased the home. Note that there was only one bathroom.
Here is the floor plan as part of the same inspection done at the time:
It is my understanding that Maier refused entry to code enforcement officers claiming, rightly, that they could not enter his homesteaded residence. Allowing this inspection would remove all doubt, however. As someone who campaigned on complete transparency and wanting more. . .
So much for setting the tone of transparency and openness.
What then does the city say to a property owner who is surprised to find that they have a code enforcement lien on their property of over $100,000 for not having a shade tree in their front lawn? I guess they say nothing.