Tuesday, August 11, 2015

[RE-POST BY REQUEST] Sheriff Bradshaw made a video: now the Post and WPTV are going bananas

PBSO Sheriff Bradshaw couldn't attend the PBA’s 8th Annual Police Officer’s Ball so he uploaded a video for them.

NBC5/WPTV and The Palm Beach Post have been off the rails ever since they got hold of the video. They are handwringing because Sheriff Bradshaw mentioned them by name vis-à-vis the LINE OF FIRE: BULLETS, BADGES AND DEATH ON THE STREET!. Seems to me they have no problem criticizing PBSO but get very sensitive when the table is turned. Bradshaw is fighting back and defending his organization and deputies; what's wrong with that?

Watch the video and decide for yourself:
An added thought, now that the city of Greenacres has voted to merge with PBSO do the Anarchists in Lake Worth still stand behind their sign at last October's anti-PBSO protest? You can read about that protest here.
This sign was at the protest organized by EarthFirst! against PBSO last year.