Saturday, January 31, 2015

What is a "crime" and what is an "offense"? Should an offense be on a Crime Blotter?

What exactly is a crime and an offense? Here are the definitions from
Definition of a Crime: "an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited."
Definition of an Offense: "a violation or breaking of a social or moral rule; transgression; sin." Also, "something that offends or displeases.
So, as you can see, there is quite a difference between a 'crime' and an 'offense'.

Now read these following that were actually published in the Lake Worth Tribune "Lake Worth CRIME BLOTTER" on Friday, January 30th:

"CHILD OUTSIDE: A deputy went to a home in Lake Worth where it was reported that a young child had been seen wandering outside along [sic], sometimes near the road, and that the mother sometimes drinks. The deputy found the child well cared for and the home clean."

"MISSING BOYFRIEND: A man living on South L Street reported his boyfriend, Corey, missing. Also missing is the man's car and car keys."

"MISSING KID: Two grandparents living on 12th Avenue South reported their grandson missing. They said they believed he had run away, as he has run away before."

"VEHICLE BREAK-IN: A man who'd LEFT HIS CAR RUNNING [emphasis added] on the 700 block of Washington Ave. came outside to find two young females in the car. He pulled them out and they ran west on Washington Ave."

"VEHICLE BURGLARY: A couple told deputies that a purse was stolen [...] The doors of the vehicle had been left unlocked."

If Ms. Margaret Menge wanted to do a true community service, do stories warning people to lock their cars. Note that Menge's "blotter" takes up half the page in her paper:
Note how unusually large the type is for a printed paper; note the coin penny for reference:
Why would the editor of this paper include so many items in her "Crime Blotter" that aren't crimes and then feature the 'blotter' so prominently on the second page? You can draw your own conclusions. It seems to me Ms. Menge is doing a great disservice to our community by inflating the perception of crime in our city. At least 6, possibly more, of the "crimes" Ms. Menge lists ARE NOT CRIMES. Then why include them in the Lake Worth CRIME BLOTTER? 

I can't wait to see her coverage of the naked "sniper" on the roof. We'll have to wait until next week for that one.

In Margaret Menge's "House Editorial" this week, she starts off with the line, "I'm in the business of telling the truth." After reading her "crime blotter" it makes you wonder how she defines the word 'Truth'. Quite loosely one would think. 

And we are still celebrating Jon Faust Day as you should to. His handsome mug takes up just about half the editorial and letters to the editor page.

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Anonymous said...

Was there a story on John? Or was it just a very brief announcement with a very large picture? Because my copy does not have a story on him