Monday, January 26, 2015

What do Lynn Anderson, Katie, Dennis Dorsey,...

...Dan Liftman, Drew Martin, Jennifer Marchal, and Christopher McVoy all have in common? Dee McNamara! Here is an email Dee McNamara sent out slandering District 2 Candidate Serge Jerome. I blacked out innocent names and everyone's email addresses:
I can forward the email to anyone who requests it; just give me a valid reason. Here is the text from the email by Dee McNamara:
Dr.McVoy is a responsible, moral scientist, not a belle Glade car mechanic, who has to preach what people want to hear to hustle money out of them.Belle Glade may be the perfect education ground for primitive liars,hustlers,con artists.I have the privilege,good fortune, of not knowing it.
I prefer the highest Academic level of education for our Commission positions with extensive knowledge of our City and its' Municipal Laws.
Only his inferiro , would smear his name with the usual lies.
Liars are dangerous,toxic elements..

Dr Christopher McVoy(Phd.Cornell and M.S., F.U., is South Florida Watermanagement District Environmental Scientist (not environmentalist, educated people know the difference, primitives don't.).
I think it goes to Dee McNamara's state of mind when she refers to Mr. Serge Jerome, a successful Haitian-American, as a "primitive". Tomorrow night you can watch for yourself as this "primitive" Mr. Serge Jerome gives the invocation at the Genesis Neighborhood Association meeting. I wonder if the people Dee McNamara communicated with agree with the thinking of Dee McNamara? If they are willing to stand up against it, which is what most honorable people should do, they should do so in a meaningful way. Silence equals complicity. That includes you Larry.

Makes you wonder doesn't it?