Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First of the video series from last night's meeting at Compass regarding infrastructure funding...

I will be posting these throughout the day and ultimately putting together a playlist. There are two limiting factors to my recordings. One is the space available on my 32 GB disk and the other is the life of the battery. Last night, it was the disk size that held me back, but I was still able to get most of the meeting. It was conducted in a unique way in that people were not limited by the usual 2 minute rule. It was a way for the Commission to solicit as many ideas as possible to address the city's acknowledged precarious infrastructure conditions. I would say that at the peak, there might have been 80 or so people there. Experts that the city uses related to financing and legalities thereof were there and added to the discussion toward the end of the meeting.

The ironic thing is that some comments made at the meeting indicated that some thought this meeting was premature, others thought that it was a long time coming. This will lead to a future meeting, or meetings, about laying out alternatives. One idea that seemed to catch hold was some sort of hybrid assessment (based upon property characteristics) and a traditional general obligation bond. A surprise idea was considering the sale of the golf course, or other city assets.