Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Will the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department and PBSO be ready?

On Thursday, 11/20, I referenced a protest in Palm Beach Gardens scheduled for this coming December 5th. You can read about it here (in the last paragraph) and see the link the protest organizers placed on Facebook.

A reader of my blog sent me this today. Here are screen grabs from that Facebook link here:

Seems our local, and not so local, Lake Worth chapter of EarthFirst (EF) has enlisted the help of their Tampa EF chapter for money and boots on the ground. Read about the theory of "Boots on the Ground" here. The protest by EF on Friday, December 5th, is shaping up to be a major action. The "invites" sent out by Tampa EF is over 1,500; that combined with the 'invites' by the Lake Worth EF at almost 1,000 portends a significant turnout for the protest in Palm Beach Gardens, our Palm Beach County neighbor to the north of us.

Forewarned is forearmed.