Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tourism Incentives

Story from Jennifer Sorentrue at the Post, click title for link, about a major convention incentive program for the coming Hilton Hotel at the West Palm Beach Convention Center in 2016. By then our Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth will be open for business as well as the boutique Hummingbird Hotel. We'll try our best to offer quality accommodations for those conventioneers! From the Post article:
Palm Beach County tourism leaders on Monday launched a $1 million incentive program designed to bring more large-scale events and corporate meetings to the county’s convention center in downtown West Palm Beach.
The incentives vary depending on the size of the event and the number of hotel room bookings, but officials estimate the four-year program could lure as many as 30 groups a year to the area.
The program comes less than three months after crews began vertical construction on the long-awaited, 430-room hotel next to the convention center. The Hilton hotel is expected to open in July 2016.
Tourism leaders have said the lack of an adjoining hotel has hindered the center’s ability to book larger business conventions.
“I think we need to look at the visual reality of the new headquarter hotel as a new era,” said Jorge Pesquera, president and CEO of Discover The Palm Beaches, the county’s tourism marketing arm. “It is a new chapter in the history of Palm Beach County in terms of its image as a convention destination.”