Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lake Worth nonprofit expects to ship 1,000 care packages to troops |

Want to get involved and help our troops overseas? Read this story from the Palm Beach Post and note the links to help your neighbors. From the article by Chris Persaud, click title for link:
Tara Ashburn spent years as a counselor telling people, “If you live paycheck to paycheck without budgeting, you’re going to end up homeless.”
Then it happened to her and her family last year.
Ashburn lost her job and she and her husband could barely cover costs on the $1,400 a month the federal government sends her husband, a veteran who suffered a spinal injury in Iraq when a roof he stood on crumbled, she said.
But then she found the veterans-helping nonprofit Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, which hired her as a bookkeeper.
On Saturday, Ashburn and more than 10 other people at Forgotten Soldiers’ main office in Lake Worth filled dozens of boxes with granola bars, potato chips, chocolate bars, beef jerky, baby wipes (there’s few places to shower in a war zone), ChapStick, Girl Scout cookies and Kool-Aid, among other things.
You can help the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach also by visiting their Facebook page here. 

Stay involved!