Thursday, November 20, 2014

How is this for an apology?

"Protesters apologized, saying they meant solely to target the forest."
Quote from reporter Tony Doris of the Palm Beach Post in this article, click title for link.

Which begs the question, when is an apology not actually an apology? Which protesters "apologized" to the parents and children who were severely inconvenienced by Everglades Earth First (EEF) on November 7 at the Mandell Jewish Community Center? We don't know because the "apology" was attributed to no one and their actions affected almost everyone in the area. Individually, hand-written letters to each parent, student and administrator would be a start. Or, another alternative would be something like this written one thousand times on blackboards at the school, "I will never blockade an entrance to a school."

It appears that Panagioti Tsolkas' EEF made more mistakes than just throwing a battery into a lake polluting the environment and potentially crippling a Green Indigo snake, perhaps making it an electric eel. He also was unaware that the law looks unfavorably on terrorizing young children where they go to school. And...he was apparently unaware that the driver of the van is considered complicit in the protest, which made for three arrests instead of two. Now the charges against the protesters go to the level of a "breach of peace by three or more persons".

In the article, a future protest is referenced on December 5 near the Briger Tract. I plan on going and you can join me if you wish. We'll make it a picnic. Here is the Facebook page with the details. I'll bring the finger sandwiches.