Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hagiography to demonization in 6 months...

 This is a post that was written by the other blogger in September of last year. Later on, as a comment to the original post, she suggests that something in the city be named for Mary Lindsey.
We have many choices Lindsey Park, in place of Bryant Park. Lindsey Way instead of Lake Osborne Drive. Or, you could go real big and rename the entire city Mary Lindsey Beach.
Katie Mcgiveron agrees with the other blogger. Remember, this was six months ago.
Layer on the praise Katie. What could have been your motive? Something like hoping Mary's ego would get stroked enough so that she would run against either the Mayor or Commissioner Amoroso? My bet is on this reason.
Suddenly, it's six months later and the bowels of hell have opened. Here's a recent sample. Funny how leopards don't change their spots.
And then this...
What if we had named something after her? I doubt that this keeps the other blogger awake at night. Quite a contrast after just six months.

Dustin Zacks, RELEASE THE CATS FROM HELL. Oops, they're already released.