Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tune-in at 6 p.m., Tonight on Channel 5

My kitchen sink gets its 15 seconds of fame!


Anonymous said...

Please don't make the city look bad. We have enough problems as it is. Please.

May said...

Brian Entin is a cutie.

J Mills said...

Just watched your segment on WPTV. Good job. And the city looks good too. No losers the way it should be, right. Just info for the viewer to decide.

Laurie Sauntner said...

Thank you blogger. For as long as i can remember watched Ch9, CBS. At 6 just put the channel on like clockwork just the way it is. My husband told me about you on Channel 3 WPTv, about the water tonight at 6. I have a new local news site. No We have a new news channel.

Weetha Peebull said...

Water drinker I love you!
Not only do I know water plant osmosis
but am not afraid to say it!

City manager declared we can't just look at one side of ANY ISSUE in exhaustive water releases. Research must be exhausted before any osmotic halt.

REALLY you say- Jeff differs as does Dee 

I have asked and begged to tell the flowing water story! Now it looks like Bornstein will have to eat his word salad he lied! Wes lied to.

Last chance Bornstein - choose to 
"Listen 2 Falling Water" or act on behalf ALL citizens seeking dryness sans skin cracks!

halt or handout moisturizer. ok.

Elizabeth said...

Wes, Weetha Peebull is our friend, Suzanne Squire. When she's off the meds you need to have some discretion. No need to embarrass her any more. It's entertaining but...