Monday, February 25, 2019

Lake Worth Christian High School in the City of Boynton Beach.

Questions: How much do you know about non-public secular education in Palm Beach County? Do you support prayer in schools? Do you think your local public school is substandard? Not the teachers but the system.

Are all non-public schools effective at teaching history and math and all the basics? Of course not. 

All of these questions, for many in the public, are relevant in many areas of Palm Beach County. Questions that parents and municipalities and public policy professionals grapple with all the time.

Oft-asked are the pros and cons of a public education. And the pros and cons of charter schools and private schools too. There is a lot of excitement in the City of Lake Worth now about public schools and on the Lake Worth City Commission is an excellent public school civics teacher any municipality in the County would be proud to have teaching civics to children and young adults.

And on topic this year’s municipal elections in Lake Worth are the most civic of any in recent memory, not at all a “war of words” as reported in The Palm Beach Post recently.

But it needs to pointed out once again, this blog post today is a very long story about a very short story published in the Post last Saturday.

It was a brief story by reporter Wendy Rhodes.

And before we continue there is terrible news today. Sarah Peters left The Palm Beach Post last Friday. But she joins an exclusive club. A lot of reporters have left the Post recently.

Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach is very fortunate. For quite some time Peters has been one of the most reliable reporters at the Post. Steady and always newsworthy. Stay tuned to find out what Peters will be up to.

What this portends for Gatehouse Media in Palm Beach County is unknown. The turnover of reporters at the Post is unsettling to say the least. The turnover should be occurring further up in the leadership, not in the younger and energetic rank and file. May 1st is the one-year anniversary of ownership by Gatehouse Media.

Maybe some really big changes will happen by then. But don’t hold your breath. The Post rarely reports anything about what is happening at their headquarters located at 2751 S. Dixie Hwy. in West Palm.

Now back to that very long short story.

If you are reading this blog today you most likely did not see that news in the Post about a fundraiser for a non-public secular religious school in Boynton Beach. The City of Lake Worth has at least one such school.

Check back soon for the entire list of public, non-public and the one charter school in this City.

Just to be clear, a religious school is one that has a religious component for the mission of educating children and/or adults in the faith of Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other faith. Like public schools these schools can be good or bad. At the end of this blog post is an example of an excellent non-public secular school in the City of Lake Worth

There really is no debate about prayer in schools. There are options if this is a major issue for your family. But there is a lot more time and effort required like weekend car washes, fundraisers and other events to promote the school.

Random questions. How much do you know about the Sacred Heart Catholic School in the City of Lake Worth?

Did you know the City of Boynton Beach had a Christian high school?

Do you support the mission of non-public private education vs. a public education?

And what is all this about the City of Lake Worth changing its name and where exactly is unincorporated Palm Beach County and all thirty-nine (39) municipalities? Which ones have non-public schools?

“Gee wiz, this is getting complicated!” But actually it’s not; it’s elementary unless you happen to be a reporter or an editor who doesn’t care about accuracy.

As reported last Saturday in the Post there was a very short story on p. B3; it was a minor story and a major one too. And it was all true and accurate as well.

That brief news story is further below with a few redactions.

Depending on one’s perspective it was either a normal news story or one that took a lot of time and research. Because according to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser the Lake Worth Christian High School has a ‘Lake Worth’ mailing address. You have to dig deeper to find out the facts. And knowing how to do that takes some time and effort.

But either way some or many in the public learned more about what is the City of Lake Worth and what is not the City of Lake Worth.

Did you know there is a well-respected and productive Catholic elementary school in this City? And in the City of Boynton Beach there is a school in a formerly unincorporated area in suburban Lake Worth called the Lake Worth Christian High School? It’s unclear when this property was annexed by Boynton Beach but will try to find out some time soon.

Will explain this image at a later time.

Click on map to enlarge.

See a red box? That is where the Lake Worth Christian High School is located — in Boynton Beach south of Town of Lantana (shaded Verdenia Lantana)  — unshaded areas are unincorporated PBC, also called “suburban Lake Worth”.

Keep in mind the effort to rename this City to the “City of Lake Worth Beach” is already a lost cause. Every week the editor at The Lake Worth Herald makes fun of this effort and the Post published another negative letter by the same malcontent who often gets published in the Post, this latest one referring to how ridiculous renaming this City is, which was a topic of numerous public meetings after which ALL our elected officials ALL voted unanimously to put on the March 12th ballot.

But then later a few suddenly came up with better ideas. Not surprising at all. Sadly, it was expected.

Now back to that news story published in the Post last Saturday.

It was published in the “IN BRIEF” section on p. B3 above the fold, the very first item ‘In Brief’ right next to the top news story of the day by long-time reporter Olivia Hitchcock. Being tasked with reporting about a stolen monkey named “Kari” was a welcome break from the normal mayhem in West Palm Beach which does not have a beach but the news about that rare and missing Goeldi monkey WAS big news.

But there was also important information above the fold too in the Post last Saturday for those who support education with a focus on faith. And one of the ways these schools support themselves is by fundraising. And up against the Palm Beach County School District’s public and charter schools they sometimes need to be very creative. And they need to be accurate too.

For example, the news from Post reporter Wendy Rhodes last Saturday. Here it is with some information redacted and remember, this event was held last Saturday, but if you wish you can contact this school to learn more about what they do.


Collectibles for sale at annual show today

The 27th annual South Florida Political and Historical Collectibles Show is from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. today at Lake Worth Christian High School, 7592 High Ridge Road.

The event will feature nearly 50 dealers from 12 states selling rare books, antique toys, vintage postcards and political collectibles like buttons, posters, china, glasses and even hot pads.

If you think you have something special tucked away in your attic, organizer ■■■ ■■■■■■■ says they will offer on-the-spot estimates and bidding at the event.

Whether you are buying, selling or just browsing, the show offers the opportunity to connect with the history and politics in an up-close and personal manner.

Admission is $5. For more information, call 561-■■■-■■■■.

Wendy Rhodes

So that’s it for the day. And check back tomorrow for more information about this topic of “Where exactly is the City of Lake Worth?”

It’s taken a lot of hard work by a lot of people to get the “City of Lake Worth Beach” to ballot. But maybe it’s just not the right time and no one should feel bad. And the critics need to let off too. Whether you agree or not this has been a wonderful public debate and we are all the better for it.

Oh. And to learn more about the Sacred Heart School in the City of Lake Worth, located at 410 North M Street, click on this link.

Mission Statement

“As a faith community enthroned in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our mission is to provide all our students, of diverse cultures and abilities, an education of excellence, in a Christ-centered environment, encourage them to live the gospel values of love, peace, justice, respect, and service, and prepare them for success in higher education and life, and to be productive, responsible, and effective members of society.”