Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A judicial relapse. A setback, 2½ years of hard work. To call this blog post troubling is an understatement.

Is there going to be a ‘relapse’ in the the fight against sober homes once again here in the City of Lake Worth and other municipalities along coastal Palm Beach County?

May be. Continue reading more about this very serious topic.

First. How we got here.

And the reason why you need to get involved. Today.

On September 26th, 2016 the public had had enough. They demanded change. Our elected leaders listened. Sober homes were once thought to be a problem with no solution. Communities and neighborhoods were anxious and worried.

There was talk of forming a task force back in 2016. And one was. It is called the Sober Homes Task Force and Lake Worth Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso is a member. Below is more information about that.

Amoroso is worried. And you should be too. You should reach out to Andy Amoroso (contact information below). And reach out to Rick Christie too. Find out who Mr. Christie is a little later.

What happened that September evening 2½ years ago in the City of Lake Worth (see link in caption below) set off a chain of events that shocked our County government, the State legislature in Tallahassee and then ended up in the halls of the U.S. Congress. It suddenly became a top priority at the White House then occupied by President Barack Obama.

Change happened. And quick. Word came from Washington, D.C. to Tallahassee. Get this fixed. You have the full support of the Federal government.

And now because of one ruling by a Circuit Court here in Palm Beach County so much progress that has been made in 2½ years is at risk of being erased, you can call it a judicial relapse if you wish.

The editor at The Palm Beach Post, in an editorial headlined “Judge’s ruling threatens Aronberg’s war on opioid abuses” wrote this on Feb. 13th:

Too much is at stake here.

After years of lives lost and neighborhoods damaged, our communities — like Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth — can’t afford a relapse. To call this ruling “troubling” would be an understatement.

This editorial in the Post was posted fourteen (14) days ago [as of Feb. 27th]. There have been no follow-ups on this troubling news since and that has to change.

The public needs to get engaged NOW and so does our paper of record here in Palm Beach County. Contact Rick Christie, the editor at the Post and make your voice heard. This issue needs to be a top priority.

“The Palm Beach Post welcomes your letters.”

Let the editor at the Post know you, your family and neighborhood are very concerned about this recent ruling by a circuit court judge here in Palm Beach County.

Your letter must include name, address and daytime phone number. Try to keep your letter to a maximum of 200 words:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 561-820-4728
  • Snail mail: Letters to the Editor, The Palm Beach Post, 2751 S. Dixie Hwy., West Palm, FL 33405

If you submit a letter today it should be enough time to make the most-read Sunday print edition of the Post.

Use this link if you wish to learn more about the Sober Homes Task Force led by the Office of State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

For residents of the City of Lake Worth. To reach out to Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso call 561-586-1733 or send an email to:

For the entire City Commission click on this link.

To learn more about what happened at the public meeting held on Sept. 26th, 2016 click on this link. Please scroll up and compose your letter to the editor today. And later on today or tomorrow follow up. Explain why your letter is important. Call 561-820-4476 or email: