Friday, October 26, 2018

Great advice from The Palm Beach Post, “Lake Worth: Stay local”.

The topic of this post is about political distractions: Geopolitical, nation- and state-wide crises and the importance of small towns and municipalities staying focused on solving unique and pressing problems. A very small city in the United States, for example, which owns and operates an Electric Utility would be a very good example of one such town that would need to focus on the problems at hand and not worry so much about what’s happening outside the nations borders like . . . well . . . the Middle East would be one such place left to the State Department to worry about.

Without further ado. . .

Excerpts from the former Editor of the Editorial Page, Randy Schultz, an editorial published in The Palm Beach Post on January 22nd, 2007:

“Now that Lake Worth commissioners have solved Iraq, they can get back to working on problems closer to home.”

and. . .

     “There’s still plenty of opportunity for the electric upgrade and beach project to go wrong, so competent leadership is essential. But competent leadership has to start with the commission. And it will be measured by what happens in Lake Worth, not Iraq.” [emphasis added]

“Commission ‘solved’ Iraq, passed buck”

Newspaper clipping from 2007.

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Fast forward to May 1st, 2018: Gatehouse Media now owns The Palm Beach Post. And it’s now up to one year and ninety days since an editorial was published in the Post about this tiny City. And guess what the hot topics are once again? You guessed it: Lake Worth Electric Utility and Lake Worth Beach.

By the way, the bullet list below was the leadership of the Post eleven years ago, this was from when no one was talking about or even considering selling that newspaper and prior to when the editor(s) at the Post decided it was more important to “carry the water” for Martin County on several important issues instead of backing the interests of Palm Beach County. To no ones surprise that County paper of record was put up For-Sale in Nov. 2017.

Oh. And not making an endorsement for President of the United States in Nov. 2016 didn’t help much either.

The former leadership at the Post:

  • Tom Giuffrida, Publisher.
  • John Bartosek, Editor.
  • Charles Gerardi: General Manager.
  • Bill Rose: Managing Editor.
  • Randy Schultz: Editor of the Editorial Page.
  • Jan Tuckwood: Associate Editor.