Thursday, December 21, 2017

Those full-page ads published in The Palm Beach Post in early November last year, “VOTE TRUMP!”

All of us Democrats in Palm Beach County were in stunned disbelief when Mr. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on
November 8th, 2016.

Readers of The Palm Beach Post supporting Hillary were in stunned disbelief two days prior as well, on Sunday, November 6th, when they turned to page A5 (see image below; note: may be disturbing for some readers), a full-page ad with that blaring message in BOLDFACE!, ALL CAPS! with the message:


Ads for then-citizen Donald Trump appeared in the Post, three total, the last one on Sunday, Nov. 6th, two days before election day.
Following the election the editor held a “Facebook Live Chat” with Republicans to discuss concerns about the Post’s reporting. The editor never reached out to us Democrats to explain why Hillary Clinton was not endorsed.

However, the big unanswered question is why didn’t the Post editorial board endorse Hillary Clinton in heavily Democrat-leaning Palm Beach County? They didn’t endorse then-citizen Mr. Trump either.

The big question is, why didn’t the editor at The Palm Beach Post make an endorsement for
President of the United States?

Did the decision of no endorsement for Hillary Clinton simply come down to appeasing the Bernie Sanders supporters?

If that’s the case, the editor forgot about the
primary results in 2016.