Sunday, April 30, 2017

Twenty-Six Sunday’s Ago. Published in The Palm Beach Post: “DRAIN THE WASHINGTON SWAMP! VOTE TRUMP!”

All us Democrats here in Palm Beach County were in stunned disbelief when Mr. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States last November 8th. Readers of The Palm Beach Post who were Democrats were in stunned disbelief two days prior as well, on Sunday, November 6th, when they turned to page A5 (see image below; note: may be disturbing for some readers) — a full-page ad with that blaring message in BOLDFACE!, ALL CAPS! — “VOTE TRUMP!

When Mr. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States two days later the editors at the Post were consumed with grief. Then for Democrats, to add insult to injury, the editors hosted a Facebook forum to appease Trump supporters who felt they were disparaged and maligned by the newspaper.

Didn’t Hillary Clinton supporters deserve an explanation why the Post published full-page ads for Trump?

However, the big unanswered question is why didn’t The Palm Beach Post editorial board endorse Hillary Clinton in heavily Democrat-leaning Palm Beach County? They didn’t endorse then-citizen Mr. Trump either. Why didn’t they make any endorsement for President of the United States?

Did the decision of no endorsement for Hillary Clinton simply come down to appeasing the Bernie Sanders supporters? If that’s the case, maybe they forget this election result:

Bernie Sanders: 27.2%.
The primary results from 2016.

Didn’t Clinton supporters in Palm Beach County deserve an explanation or even a Facebook “Live Chat” like the supporters of once-citizen and now President Donald Trump got? 

Did you spill your coffee all over the place when you turned the page from A3 that day and saw this image on the spread?
Maybe Hillary Clinton supporters should purchase an ad in the Post next Sunday, a full-page one titled, “DRAIN THE WASHINGTON SWAMP AGAIN!”